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Thursday, April 21, 2011


If this blog is any indication of how Slaytes baby book is going to go....chances are it will never get done!!!!  I am such a bad blogger!!!!!  Slaytes mommy has been a total slacker!!  I suppose I have not posted anything because nothing major has really happened..........which I am so very thankful for.  No news is good news right???

John and I did go to Abilene to do the 3D sonogram which I must say was absolutely fantastic!!!  I was extremely anxious to have it done, mainly because we were going to finally get to see what this little party animal looked like!!!  Surprisingly enough, he was asleep the entire time so we were able to get some great pictures since he was in a good position.  He typically moves around in my belly like he is hosting Dance Party USA, so for him to be completely still was a miracle!!!  He is a very handsome little boy!!!  He has his daddys forehead and eyes and his mommas nose, lips, chin, and chubby cheeks............did I mention he has huge feet??  He is precious!!!

I have been super fortunate to have such an easy pregnancy with little to no sickness, good blood pressure, and very moderate weight gain.............UNTIL THE OTHER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We went to Fredericksburg last Friday April 15th for Holly's bachelorette party. Everything was going as planned........we arrived at the correct place, were there in a timely manner, had great company, and we all slept decent considering we were in a motel.............HOWEVER, I woke up Saturday morning PREGNANT!!!!  BIG PREGNANT!!! 
People have always told me about their "defining moments" of pregnancy....when they popped and started showing a lot.......Well my time came that Saturday morning.  I woke up and literally everyone with us couldn't believe it.  I didn't pop, I EXPLODED!!!! 
I literally felt completely different.  My belly was different, my feet and legs were swollen, and I was exhausted!!!  But have no fear, I was still a trooper!!!!

Nothing really bothered me about my "defining moment" other than my legs and feet swelling.  If you know me well enough, you know that my legs are skinny little toothpicks so any extra weight feels like a ton.  But this really was.  Almost scary in my mind.  Not having ankles was a little weird and my legs resembling tree trunks was a bit much.  I sought out advice on facebook from all of my mommy friends.  I had already increased my water, decreased my salt and was walking every chance I could get.  But the one thing I had not tried was the dreaded COMPRESSION HOSE!!!!!
I was unaware that there was such thing as compression hose and they were made for leg swelling in pregnant women and people with swelling problems.  Now, if you don't already know this, it is blistering hot outside and its just April.  These hose that my NP and sweet friends have suggested not only are NOT fashionable but they are so freaking hot and uncomfortable!!!!  But none the less, I went to Myers Drug, bought me a pair, and wear them with extreme pride!!!!  They really do work.  My legs and feet are back to some what normal size and it is much more comfortable to walk.  So thank you to all who suggested these beauties!!!!  And John has not come right out and said it, but I am confident he thinks they are sexy!! hahahaha  They look like my grandmothers panty hose!!!! 
Other than that we are still moving right along and IMPATIENTLY waiting his arrival......well, we want him to cook a little longer, but we also want the time to pass a little faster!!!!! 

So with that being said, I hope this blog comes to all of you in good health and spirits!!!!!  God Bless all of the people that have helped fight the fires and helped keep everyone safe!!!!  Pray for the rain and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL EASTER!!!!

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