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Thanks for checking out our Blog Spot! We are so excited about Baby Urbanek and finally decided to share the step by step, day to day journey with the ones we love!! Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy posting!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


If this blog is any indication of how Slaytes baby book is going to go....chances are it will never get done!!!!  I am such a bad blogger!!!!!  Slaytes mommy has been a total slacker!!  I suppose I have not posted anything because nothing major has really happened..........which I am so very thankful for.  No news is good news right???

John and I did go to Abilene to do the 3D sonogram which I must say was absolutely fantastic!!!  I was extremely anxious to have it done, mainly because we were going to finally get to see what this little party animal looked like!!!  Surprisingly enough, he was asleep the entire time so we were able to get some great pictures since he was in a good position.  He typically moves around in my belly like he is hosting Dance Party USA, so for him to be completely still was a miracle!!!  He is a very handsome little boy!!!  He has his daddys forehead and eyes and his mommas nose, lips, chin, and chubby cheeks............did I mention he has huge feet??  He is precious!!!

I have been super fortunate to have such an easy pregnancy with little to no sickness, good blood pressure, and very moderate weight gain.............UNTIL THE OTHER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We went to Fredericksburg last Friday April 15th for Holly's bachelorette party. Everything was going as planned........we arrived at the correct place, were there in a timely manner, had great company, and we all slept decent considering we were in a motel.............HOWEVER, I woke up Saturday morning PREGNANT!!!!  BIG PREGNANT!!! 
People have always told me about their "defining moments" of pregnancy....when they popped and started showing a lot.......Well my time came that Saturday morning.  I woke up and literally everyone with us couldn't believe it.  I didn't pop, I EXPLODED!!!! 
I literally felt completely different.  My belly was different, my feet and legs were swollen, and I was exhausted!!!  But have no fear, I was still a trooper!!!!

Nothing really bothered me about my "defining moment" other than my legs and feet swelling.  If you know me well enough, you know that my legs are skinny little toothpicks so any extra weight feels like a ton.  But this really was.  Almost scary in my mind.  Not having ankles was a little weird and my legs resembling tree trunks was a bit much.  I sought out advice on facebook from all of my mommy friends.  I had already increased my water, decreased my salt and was walking every chance I could get.  But the one thing I had not tried was the dreaded COMPRESSION HOSE!!!!!
I was unaware that there was such thing as compression hose and they were made for leg swelling in pregnant women and people with swelling problems.  Now, if you don't already know this, it is blistering hot outside and its just April.  These hose that my NP and sweet friends have suggested not only are NOT fashionable but they are so freaking hot and uncomfortable!!!!  But none the less, I went to Myers Drug, bought me a pair, and wear them with extreme pride!!!!  They really do work.  My legs and feet are back to some what normal size and it is much more comfortable to walk.  So thank you to all who suggested these beauties!!!!  And John has not come right out and said it, but I am confident he thinks they are sexy!! hahahaha  They look like my grandmothers panty hose!!!! 
Other than that we are still moving right along and IMPATIENTLY waiting his arrival......well, we want him to cook a little longer, but we also want the time to pass a little faster!!!!! 

So with that being said, I hope this blog comes to all of you in good health and spirits!!!!!  God Bless all of the people that have helped fight the fires and helped keep everyone safe!!!!  Pray for the rain and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL EASTER!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am getting pretty anxious!!!  Is it too early????  LOL
I think mainly because I am done with Slaytes room and now want to put him in it!!!!  Some call this IMPATIENTLY WAITING............. I like to call it being prepared!!!!

Everything is still moving right along!  I am still feeling great with no problems to speak of.  I have hit the 3rd trimester and the tiredness has come back!!  Its a rollercoaster!!!!! 
FIRST trimester is exhausting with sleep being essential.............
SECOND trimester is like a honeymoon (cute, smiles, oh's and ah's over your cute belly, fun decorating etc)..........
 THIRD trimester reminds you how you felt in the beginning ONLY this time you can't touch your toes, sleeping is a matter of position, and the pregnant waddle is now what people comment on instead of your "cute belly"!!!!

But...........everything is really going well.............................I am headed to the glucose screening on April 1st...........April Fools Day???????  REALLY????............surely they wouldn't pull a trick on me!!!! 
Then April 6th John and I will travel to Abilene to have the 3D Sonogram!!  We are sooooo excited for that!!!  Not only do we get to see how handsome Mr. Slayte really is, we get to MAKE SURE he is really a he!!!  They can't ever be 100% at the first sono!!  Keep your fingers crossed!!  I would sure hate to have to paint his red stars PINK!!!!!  LOL

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I could have never imagined the day when I walked in a store and did NOT shop for myself!!  Well folks, that day is here!!!  Every time I enter a store I immediately run for the baby section!  I have bought more stuff for this baby boy than should be allowed by law!!!!  I CANT STOP!!!!  I was convinced when I found out that Slayte was a boy that I could not possibly spend as much money on a boy as I would a girl.......How wrong I was!!!  He has more clothes, shoes, blankets, etc than any unborn child should have!!!!  Not to mention the many things his family and Mommy's friends have bought!! 
But amongst all of the things to fill his closet and dresser, his baby bedding has been delivered and has been put in his bed. 
Speaking of his bed, it also is put up and the room is complete!!  Slaytes daddy even put new windows in his room and built a closet organizer to make it perfect for the little guys arrival!!!  I realize it seems a little early to call this project complete but here is my thinking.....................It is no guarantee that Mr. Slayte will stay on board for 40 complete weeks!!!  He may decide that he wants to make his big debut a little early!!!  NOT BEFORE 36 WEEKS!!!  But I would like to spend the next couple of months with my feet kicked up and not having to worry about his room being ready!!!  For ONCE in my life I am ahead of the game......or at least trying to be!!!! 
So now its time to start with the baby showers and all of the fun stuff!!  I have looked at many local stores and several online stores to create a registery!!  That is one difficult task!!  Naturally I want everything to be perfect so making the decision to pick a car seat, stroller, rocker, saucer,bouncy blah blah blah blah has been so hard for me!!!  John's task is to search for safety in each product ......mine is to make sure it all matches LOL!!!  And picking a diaper bag?????  REALLY???  There are so many to choose from........so many that are practical........others that are adorable............ones that have it all..........some too small, others too big!!!!!!!!  DECISIONS!!! 
None the less, we are SUPER READY!!!!!   Or as ready as two new parents can be...........Oh the many questions we have!!!!  Especially the questions with the answer "You won't know what works until he gets here!!!!!" 
I find myself looking at my friends facebook pages more more............the ones with kids anyways!!!!  You would be surprised the parenting advice people give and don't even realize it!!!!  ITS GREAT!! 
So as of now that is all I have to report!!!  Other than we have a 3D sonogram scheduled the first of April in Abilene!!  I will definitely post pictures when we get them.  But until then, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and to my teacher friends............ITS ALMOST SPRING BREAK!!!  This prego needs it BAD!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

More on Slayte

Well it may come as no surprise to some of you, but I am obviously not a very good blogger!!!  Sorry I have not updated in a while but things have been extremely busy around the Urbanek household!!!!  Since the last time this has been going on..........................

John finally returned from his long journey to New Mexico which made me very happy......only to find that I had to leave 2 days later for state competition in Ft. Worth.  But we are back together now and things are great!! 
My mom and I were so productive while he was gone.  Slaytes room went from a complete cluster to a work of art!!!  We managed to paint, lay carpet, put in new wall plates, hang a new fan and put furniture in place!  All we are lacking is the new windows, which are coming in this week!!!  Slaytes Daddy is building him a closet organizer just for the baby boy and it is looking great as well!!! 

Other than that nothing spectacular has happened really!  Slayte has managed to bank roll in clothes!!  Between my friends buying him clothes, his aunt Holly buying him boots, Nonna getting the "I love Grandma/Grandpa" outfits, and me going nuts at The Childrens Place, he is doing well!!!  I bought his baby bedding and am still sewing him blankets...............YES I SEW!!!  but only in straight lines. 

Im still doing great!!  Other than actively monitoring my salt intake (trying to be proactive) and choking down water, everthing is fine.............

I would like to add that I have FINALLY determined that the dirt spot in my belly button is really a freckle!!  It has now become a part of my OUTER belly instead of inside of my belly button!!!!!!
And to top off growing bigger by leaps and bounds, I had a student tell me today, "Mrs. Urbanek, I think you grow bigger every time I see you!!"  As if I dont know this already by the clothes not fitting and the constant struggle with tying my shoes!!!!!!!!  In my defense, she hasn't seen me since last Wednesday!!  Thats what I keep telling myself!!!
SO I kindly reminded her that if she wanted to pass my class she would come in tomorrow telling me how much I was glowing and that I was just the cutest pregnant woman around!!!  hahahaha

Friday is another Dr's appointment and as always we are extremely excited to hear our baby boy!!!  He is an active little turkey and is WIDE AWAKE every night around 10:30pm.  It doesn't help that his daddy picks on him by poking my belly and waking him up!!!!  But as expected, Slayte picks back with multiple kicks and punches!!!  We have a nightly game going on!!!

I will try to post pics of his room soon!!!!!!  Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Slayte's Room!

I didn't realize what a chore decorating a baby's room could be.  I have had so many ideas, have bought great decor, his bed is in our possession, and the paint has been purchased!!!   The stars are painted,  the word art has been decided, curtains are made, and most of the wall decor has been bought!!  Did I mention I have made him blankets too??? That all sounds GREAT right???  WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has ALL accumulated in our other spare bedroom!!  The walls in Slayte's room are white, the carpet is still old, his bed is in pieces, and ALL of the decor is stacked up (UN NEATLY) in the other room!!!  Holy crap there is so much to be done!!  It was all great when it was just ideas!!  But now putting it all together is EXHAUSTING!!!! 

I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to get them from my phone to the computer!!!  Slayte's mommy is NOT too technology smart!!!!  I have pics of his room as it sits right now!!!  A nightmare is what I would refer to it as.......and I will continue to post as it progresses................hopefully soon!!!!  Wish me luck.............How can a 12x14 room be such a pain???  I guess because every mom wants it to be the best for her baby!!!  Hope yall all have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, since we are HALF WAY through this amazing journey, we decided to start sharing the many exciting things we are experiencing!!!  But first, let us catch you up to speed.............................

   Back in October, I began noticing that my bedtime changed from about 10pm to around 7pm!  I was absolutely worn out and had no interest in being out of the house (which most of you know is NOT like me at all)!!  I am a night owl and knew something was off.  I chalked it up to being so busy with cheerleading, work, and the many other things that consumed my life!!!  One Thursday night after peprally practice, I was going to join the girls for a few drinks but decided I better try out a pregnancy test, "Just to make sure im NOT!"  John was in the shower when this journey began............The pregnancy test quickly turned positive and I quickly turned white as a ghost!!!!  I was in total shock because "It is NEVER positive!!!!!  This was just to make sure!!!!!!!!"  I waited in the bedroom until John got out of the shower and had the test waiting on his pillow (yes I look back now and realize that this was probably the WRONG place to put a USED pregnancy test......OOPS!  The prego stupidity had already set in)!!! 
  John looks at it and says, "Well good that makes me happy!"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????  THATS ALL YOU ARE GOING TO SAY???????  I needed more confirmation than just one pregnancy test.......So, like every other first time postive pregnancy test person, I hauled butt to HEB and bought several more!!!  I got home and they all say POSITIVE!!!  Naturally I dont get any sleep that night and know that this is going to be a journey!!!! 

  It has been super exciting to tell everyone that they will be aunts, uncles, grandparents, psuedo aunts and uncles, etc!  Everyone has been so supportive and we feel so much love!!!  Of course during the 1st Trimester we were a nervous wreck just waiting to get to that 12 week point!!  I call the one person I trust with prenatal care to take on the Urbanek Family!!!  Kellie Turner has been my life saver!!!  Being a first time Mom, I have had many questions, concerns, scary thoughts etc etc etc!!!!  And don't think for a second that Kellie has not answered ever one of them or made me feel so much better about it all!!!!!!  I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF SHE HAS STARTED CHARGING MY INSURANCE FOR STUPID QUESTIONS OR TEXT MESSAGES WHEN SHE IS NOT AT WORK!!!!!!!
  I got to have a sonogram to see Baby U (as he was referred to until we found out it was a he) and it was at that point that it was all so very real!!!!!
  With each appointment we get to hear the heartbeat and that makes everything in our hearts stop!!!!!!!!!!  The sound of our baby's heartbeat is nothing we could ever explain!!!  John and I smile from ear to ear and wait impatiently for every appointment!!!  I have been known to call Kellie and sneak in early in the morning just to hear the hearbeat!!!!!!!
  A few weeks ago we got to go in for the anatomy scan and to HOPEFULLY find out if we were going to decorate in PINK or BLUE!!!!  The game was on among the Facebook friends and family!!!  What were the Urbaneks going to have???  What were they going to name it????  We gave initials SGU for a boy and AKU for a girl but never told what they stood for!!!!  Finally the day came and we were told that BABY U WOULD WEAR BLUE!!!!! 

His name is Slayte Garrison Urbanek!!!  There is no rhyme or reason to his name!!!  We both liked the two names Slayte and Garrison so we decided to combine them (actually Slayte's Daddy did.......what a smart Dad)!!! 
Slaytes room has been a work in progress.  It very much reflects his daddy!!!  It is going to be the many variations of browns, kahki, tans, off white, red etc!!!  Very rustic/vintage (or that is what the website called it)!! 

  As of right now, right this very second, he is having a party in mommy's  belly!!!!  He is an active little boy and I love every second of it!!! 
As for me.....I have been so lucky.  NO sickness to speak of.......I love candy and ice cream now (and did NOT before)  and I still eat the spiciest of foods!!!  So far so good folks!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!  I am emotional from time to time and seem to really miss John right now since he is going to be gone for 2 weeks in NM!!!!  Baby Slayte and I miss him very much!!!
John and I have been so blessed to be able to have this experience in our lives!  It is by the grace of God that we will be parents to one of his creations!!!! 

Stay tuned for more updates on Baby U  aka  Baby Slayte!!